Old Growth (New/Now)

Alison Wright, 2018.


Old Growth (New/Now) www.oldgrowthnewnow.org, is an exterior public art installation in Culver City, CA. It sits in a line of trees in a parking area of Culver Crossing, a retail/office complex opposite the metro rail station between the Helms Building and Platform.

The art work takes actual utility poles and cross arms and attaches metal and glass panels imprinted with imagery that takes the pole back to its roots, quite literally, as a Douglas fir tree. The panels also show historic photos from the archives of the Culver City Historical Society and Edison of the early development of the electrical grid in Los Angeles which in turn facilitated the development of the railroad. Solar panels which provide electricity for backlighting the glass panels look to a future when alternative energy technologies have replaced our contemporary ones. Some of the images included reflect on what may be nostalgically missed, like birds on a wire or shoe tossing, once utility poles are scarce.


Photographs by Tom Paiva; courtesy of Alison Wright.




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