Information about this sculpture came from "A Survey of Important Sculptures in Los Angeles County" June 25, 1998, prepared by Sculpture Conservation Studio, Inc., and Glenn Wharton and Associates, Inc. Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement.

Artist: Lion, Henry

Title: Pioneer Fountain Group; "Daniel O. McCarthy Pioneer Fountain"; (Miner's Statue)

Location: Carthay Circle, San Vicente and Crescent Heights, Los Angeles (traffic island)

Owner: City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department, 433 S. Spring St., 10th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Medium: Bronze, stone, concrete

Date of Manufacture: Miner: 1924-1925, "Snowshoe" Thompson: 1926.

Date of Installation: Miner: 1927, "Snowshoe" Thompson: 1926

Foundry or Fabrication: Miner: Roman Br. Wrks, NY/Juan Bautista de Anza: Calif. Br. Fdry

Dimensions: Miner: H: 7'2" x W: 5'4". Base: H: 1'7" x W: 2'6". Snowshoe Thompson: Plaque: H: 13 14" x W: 11 1/4". Stone: H: 5' 1/2". Juan Bautista de Anza: Br: H: 4'6". Base: H: 7 1/2" x W: 5' x D: 5'

Plaque: Bronze plaques at all three locations.

Inscriptions: Miner: This fountain is a/memorial/to the gallant pioneers of '40/of whom Daniel O. McCarthy, patriot,/miner, leader, was an outstanding/example./He was born Raleigh, N.C., August 24, 1830./Died Los Angeles, August 13, 1919./ Through his newspaper "The American Flag" San Francisco, he helped preserve California/ to the Union. This long useful life is a heritage/of which the Golden State is justly proud./Dedicated by/Ramona Parlor 109 NSGW. Signature on miner: Henry Lion/1924,25 (c)

Siting: Miner: The bronze figure is mounted on a boulder in a grassy park. There are overhanging branches of a large fir tree which is planted approximately 30 feet away. The closest sprinkler head appears to be 30 feet away, but it may spray on the sculpture. Although there are picnic benches in the park, it is not heavily used since the park is in a traffic island. Birds roost on the head of the sculpture. There is constant traffic around the sculpture, approximately 50 feet away.

Juan Bautista de Anza & "Snowshoe" Thompson: The stone bases are located on a lawn with adjacent sprinkler heads (that appear to be causing deterioration of the Thompson stone). They are next to sidewalks, and directly accessible to the public. Thompson is also near the playground of a school.

Description: There are 3 sculptures, all presumed to be by Henry Lion in Carthay Circle Park. The park itself is divided by San Vicente Street, thus the sculptures are not located together.

Miner: The figure of Daniel O. McCarthy is portrayed as a young man panning for gold. He is standing on a bronze pedestal which is mounted on a large boulder. The figure is hollow cast bronze which was chemically patinated. The original color of the patina cannot be determined from its current condition. The figure is still on its original boulder, which was part of a fountain. Based on an early photograph in the SOS! File, the other boulders that surrounded the fountain are still in the park. Water originally trickled down from the pan. This spigot is now covered with a crude bronze patch (welded sheet metal). The front side of the boulder has been cut off since its early days. A large concrete patch now covers the area that has been removed.

"Snowshoe" Thompson: There are two plaques attached to a granite boulder, believed to be by Henry Lion. They are attached with adhesive or mortar. One plaque is a relief depiction of "Snowshoe" Thompson, who carried mail on skis in Placerville during the gold-rush. The other plaque is a dedication of the monument.

Juan Bautista de Anza: A cast bronze bust is attached to a round concrete base with relief carving around its circumference, depicting Spanish settlers. The round base is set on a 2 tiered square concrete pedestal.

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