Rebecca Lowry


Russian language sign, located on Santa Monica Boulevard in the vicinity of Martel Avenue, Los Angeles/West Hollywood.

Transliteration reads: "Napolovinu iz snezhinok tantsuyushchikh sotkan vesennii dozhd'." Approximate translation: "It is partly from dancing snowflakes that rain is woven." Photographed in May 2016.


Information from the West Hollywood Arts and Culture web page (, viewed November 9, 2017): "An Installation of poetic municipal signs by artist Rebecca Lowry hosted by the City of West Hollywood as part of its Art on the Outside Program. Lowry’s multi-lingual haikus pepper the City with poetry on otherwise standard traffic signs.

Originally produced in conjunction with artlab21 and the Los Angeles Art Association’s Urban Intervention Project, in January 2010, these 11 installations are a surprising addition to the city’s streetscape."


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