Origins: Los Angeles River 1815/1825

Debra Scacco, mirror finish steel, concrete, 2017. Los Angeles State Historic Park, 1245 North Spring Street, Los Angeles.


Text from the plaque: Origins explores the history of the Los Angeles River, and the role it has played in shaping our city. Each work holds at its core a line drawing of a historic river course pre-channelization. With each line emanating out from the last, the hand-engraved mirrored face of the works traces the radical difference in current a signle line will make. The concrete body of the work echoes the physical structure of the channelized river itself. Origins stands within the natural flood plain of the Los Angeles River, meaning her waters would have once washed over the path of the work. The cementing of the River's path in 1938 brought to an end thephysical connection between present-day parkland and natural river flow. Origins is also within eye-line of an original section of the Zana Madre (Mother Ditch): the original aqueduct that brought water from the Los Angeles River (Rio Porciuncula) to the newly founded Pueblo de Los Angeles.

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