Information about this sculpture came from "A Survey of Important Sculptures in Los Angeles County" June 25, 1998, prepared by Sculpture Conservation Studio, Inc., and Glenn Wharton and Associates, Inc. Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement.

Artist: Bell, Larry

Title: "Triangles on Grid"

Location: Veteran's memorial State office Bldg., 245 Broadway at pacific, Long Beach (southwest corner of Bldg. Adjacent to cafeteria at far edge of outdoor patio)

Date of Installation: 1984

Dimensions: approx. 5' - 0" x 7' - 0" x 1/2"

Plaque: no

Inscriptions: no

Siting: The object is currently located on an outdoor patio area, partially covered, adjacent to the cafeteria above the intersection of Broadway and & Pacific in downtown Long Beach. The piece is situated on two-tone concrete tiles, the center of each tile is blue/black with a 4" white border. The hillside below is partially covered with ice plants.

The artwork was commissioned for its outdoor location, according to Sally Ann Davis, California Arts Council.

Description: The artwork was commissioned by the Art in State Buildings program.

The installation is composed of square cast stone, two-toned tiles in an L shaped pattern. The center of each tile is blue/black and a 4" perimeter of the tile is white. The tiles are chaulked with an acrylic caulking compound. Mounted onto the grid with metal brackets are (4) pieces of clear float glass, coated with iconel. The elements are arranged to form two panels abutted to form an L shaped at either end of the L shaped tiles. The top edges of the glass panels are beveled.

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